There have been recent changes to the scheduling of telephone hearings before the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission (“UCRC”). As an unemployment appeal, either by a Claimant or the Employer, works its way through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (“ODJFS”), there are certain appeal deadlines that need to be met, which later in the process, are twenty-one (21) days. Previously, once the appeal reached the UCRC, you received notice it would be set for hearing, you would order the complete Director’s File and wait a month or two before it would be set for hearing a month or two after that. Now, the UCRC has received orders to begin expediting the process as they had received numerous complaints the process was taking far too long. While this was true, now the process is moving too fast, and the danger is the matter is set for hearing so quickly, you only have a matter of a few days, if not a day or two, to receive the Director’s File containing the opposing party’s filings relevant to the unemployment appeal. This change greatly reduces the opportunity to properly prepare for the hearing and reinforces the importance of making an electronic request for the Director’s File the same day you received notice that the UCRC has received your appeal. This will give you valuable extra time to prepare for the telephone hearing.